This is a page of awards given to the SITREPŠ site. We thank the people who put in the effort to design and send us these awards.




The Phoenix Gate




  RMC Duntroon Award 1st Class

In the tradition of The Corps of Staff Cadets, we bestow this "RMC Duntroon  Award - 1st Class"
upon Gavan M Vigar and SITREPŠ, for Excellence in Military Arts!



Congratulations!!....The SITREPŠ site definitely qualifies for the "Critical Mass Award". A very nice site, good design, clever graphics, great photos. Also your content is informative and presented well. Thanks for helping make the web a more interesting place to visit....Bill Darling.


You've done an excellent job on your site my friend. And for that as well as for your service to your country, I'd like to present you with my Top Vet Site Award. This is more of my way of saying "thank you" and "welcome home".

Diggerz commends SITREPŠ 3rd Cavalry Regiment (Viet Nam) Association Inc of Australia and Webmaster Gavan M Vigar for providing the global World Wide Web community no-fee public access to an 'information bridge' on the subject of Australia's military accomplishments and exploits.

Dear Sir,
I recently visited your web site and I would like to present you with our family award for all you do to support Veterans.
Sincerely, Ruby Beloz. My Dad is a Vet.


Sgt Fats Home Page

Gunner's Award

G'day Gavan,

Mate we would like to award your site 'SITREPŠ ' our Gunners Assoc Award of Excellence for the great website that you got here and for the great work that you are doing.



G'day Gavan,

The National Servicemen's Association of Australia, Mallee Sub-Branch (Mildura) would like you to accept this award for your website.
Your pages display good quality information and worthy of an award.

Jim Petter


Hi Gavan,
Finally had time to get to you mate.
We would like to award "Sitrep" our Vietnam Veterans' Poetry Organization Award of Excellence for the great work that you have done on your website and for the Poetry page on the site.


G'day Gavan,

Again we would like to award the 'SITREP' website with our Gold Award of Excellence for the great website that you have and for the great work that you are doing for the Veterans that served with the 3rd Cavalry Regiment in Viet Nam.


This Award was given to SITREP for being placed fourth in the Web Wars in Veterans Without Borders Web site.




G'Day Mate

After having had a look at your site, I would like to send you 2 AWARDS, the first is my GRUNTS VIEW Award
for excellence.

The second is my new LEST WE FORGET AWARD this is from a Grunts View & it is for Honouring & Remembering our Dead from Vietnam.

Both sent 6 March 2002

Congratulations, you have been awarded the "World Web Award of Excellence". Your site SITREP meets all of our qualifications that makes for a great military site. We enjoyed our visit to your site, keep up the good work.


Gunner's Award

We would like to award your 3 Cavalry Regiment Website, SITREPŠ, our "Aussie Bush Hat Award of Excellence". We are hoping that you will accept this and display it with great pride.



Gunner's Award

We would like to award the Website, SITREPŠ, with our "Award of Excellence". We are hoping that you will accept this and display it with great pride and also use it as a link to out VETERANS WITH DIABETES INTERNATIONAL website.




Your web site has been chosen to receive the Patriot Award issued by for outstanding military and
patriotic content.

The Patriot Files received over 5 million visits last year and we would love to share this traffic with other deserving sites such as yours. Thank you for your time and attention and for your outstanding contribution to the world wide web.

Patriot Award Committee


Gavan, Congrats
Your site is our award winner for the week of April 28th,2003.
please find award attached.
Nam Magazine

Gunner's Award

Thank you for submitting your site for my Aussie Award.  I am proud to say, you qualified for the award and it did not take me long to decide either.  Your site is very well done, and I am honoured to award you my highest Aussie Award.  Great job!

You done did good, mate!

Old Sarge

Gold Award

Webmaster.  Congratulations, your web site has just been awarded Cyber Sarge's Web Site Gold Award. Thanks again for stopping by Cyber Sarge's web site.




I am proud to present you with two of my newest awards.  One is reserved for Aussie sites only and I only give it to the best Australian sites on the web, and you got it!
Great Job but that is normal for you and I expect it when I visit your site.  I am never amazed by your work nor do I expect the norm.  Why?  Because you work hard on the site and all of us can see it.
Old Sarge