This page has the names of former members of the 3rd and 4th Cavalry Regiments and B Squadron 3rd/4th Cavalry Regiment who have passed away post Viet Nam, 1972 onwards.  
  Rank/Former Rank Surname First Name or Initials Age at death Date of Death  
  CPL BRIGHT L.B.   11-May-73  
  TPR THROWER Paul   11-Sep-74  
  TPR REYNOLDS Allan Wayne   17-Jun-79  
  SGT GARDNER Ash   Mid 1980  
  PTE TREGEAGLE Scott   14-Aug-83  
  TPR HANSEN Geffery   07-Oct-83  
  CPL BROOKS [Emu]   1985 ????  
  TPR BURTON Darrin C.   23-Aug-85  
  SGT BELL Derek E. [Dooga]    08-Nov-95  
  TPR DAWSON Damien   11-May-97  
  CPL STURGESS Jason B.   22-Feb-02  
  ??? KONINGS Bernie [Chips]   2004 ????  
  TPR MICKLETHWAITE  Shaun   28-Dec-04  
  L/CPL IVEY Ron R [Dog] 56 11-Oct-05  
  WO2 KERSLAKE Mick   06-Aug-07  
  CPL HAINES Danny  43 10-Oct-07  
  TPR KOOY Martin A [KOY BOY] 56 31-Jan-08