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Cavalry Reunion 2018







Names of members who will be attending the Cavalry Reunion 2018, Sawtell, New South Wales    14:11:2015


Cavalry Reunion 2018 Registration Form.  [A new one is been prepared]




Update: 15:03:2017


The next Association Reunion will take place in sunny Sawtell, NSW. Just 7 kilometres south of Coffs Harbour, it lies in the area rated the best climate in Australia by the CSIRO.


Dates for the Reunion will be:


Saturday 2nd June - P.M. - Meet & Greet/Registration at the Sawtell RSL Club.

Sunday 3rd June - A.M. - March and Remembrance Service at the Lyle Rose RSL Memorial Park, followed by luncheon in the Sawtell RSL.

Monday 4th June - TBA . Trip to local activities

Tuesday 5th June -P.M. - Seafood/Carvery Smorgasbord dinner and entertainment at the Sawtell RSL Princess room.


Accommodation guide and expressions of interest to attend will be published in the September 2017 and December 2017 issue of the newsletter.

Prices to be announced in December newsletter.


Regards, Dallas (Burrage)



Update: 14:11:2015

Dallas Burrage has informed the webmaster that the next reunion will be held in Sawtell, New South Wales and will be run by Dallas, again. Further information will be forward to me as soon as Dallas starts to formulate a plan for the Cavalry Reunion 2018.





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